Diamond Cleaning Equipment, since 1981, have been distributors of 
Pressure Washers!
Why do we sell  Whitco?

Whitco Origional Logo
Because We Repair All Brands
Of Pressure Washers,
and we know the truth how THEY are built!
Stationary Electric, Dressed all Stainless Steel
"Stinger Dressed all Stainless Steel" Compact Electric Oil-Fired
"PEO Standard Model" Portable Electric Oil-Fired
"Stinger Standard Model" Compact Electric Oil-Fired
"GPO" Gasoilne Portable Oil-fired Mounted on trailer with 525 gallon Tank
"Stationary Electric Standard"
"DPO" Standard
" PEO Dressed all Stainless Steel " Portable Electric Oil-Fired
GPO Hero Series
Raider 2 Portable
Raider Portable
Raider Gasoline Portable Oil Fired
Whitco New Logo
 PEO Standard Features and Options
Stinger Standard Features and Options
 Stationary Standard Features and Options
Raider2 Specifications

GPO Hero Standard Features and Options
GPO Raider Specifications

PEO Standard Specifications

Stinger Standard Specifications

Stationary Standard Specifications

Raider Specifications

GPO Hero Specifications

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DPO Specifications

GPO Specifications

Dual  Whitco 1030 GPOs Mounted On a 24' Trailer with a 525 Gallon Supply Tank with 4 Gun Operation
{NEW Whitco} 1025GPO 24" Burner Duel Rig. 4 Guns
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